Friday, January 29, 2016

Dr. Michael Scheuer: If we get anyone other than Trump, it'll be back to business as usual

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  1. The democrats are finished with their debates, but the GOP wants to continue their attack oo TRUMP with these rigged circuses they hire people specifically for the purpose of bringing TRUMP down. TRUMP is too smart for that and generating $6 million for veterans just proves who is the only candidate worth voting for, the only one who deserves the presidency - TRUMP.

  2. Trump is wanting to run america like he runs his business thus making america nothing more than corporation that it is for all to see . There will be a one world goverment , one world religion and one world money involved system one world leader who is antichrist but Christ will destroy him . What we see around us in the world is the working out of that plan . Christ will rule from Jerusalem


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