What Will Happen When US Dollar Collapse in Feb 2016 ?

The Illuminati is just an umbrella term for all the groups therein…The Rothschilds & 12 other family lines control the banks & governments of the world, there are only a few governments of which they have yet to overthrow (North Korea, Iran and Cuba, if my sources are correct)…The Jesuits are also in this group, and control the Vatican which they have infiltrated now..The Rockefellers were enlisted to control and oversee the Americas.  Both the Democrats and the Republicans are pawns for the same evil elite group.. The mainstream media is also totally controlled by them.. The only power they take orders from is the AntiChrist - a being who is already here  in hiding, but active, and imbued with the spirit of Lucifer/Satan himself.. Look up Transhumanism, human hybrid program, the Singularity, Nephilim, etc.. BerGOGlio is the False Prophet , & the Antichrist’s biggest supporter..  Ultimately they do want to control us (the whole world), first by letting many of us die from chemtrails, gmo foods, famine, war, and vaccinations, forced adoption, splitting up of families, etc.. then they will try to get all of us to get a chip or , some kind of identifying mark in or on the body (just under the skin), which will be the way to buy or sell products/ services, and will be of the new world order system (“beast”), which will be very dangerous to our health & to our mind, it .. It’s all connected to the Illuminati, freemasonry, mind control, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, etc. There are many pseudonyms for the same evil group, the same evil agenda, but we can pray to God to help us. And here , so you can further educate yourself.. and no, not from one source.... look at various videos online:  Illuminati, GMO’s , Freemasonry, Committee of 300, Chemtrails, HAARP, DUMBS (deep underground military bases), Transhumanism, RFID chip, Nephilum, AIDS virus, crafted from different animal viruses created to kill off  “useless eaters”, just to name a few…

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