Sandy Hook Book banned by AMAZON - Prof Jim Fetzer

 If you are not yet convinced we are heading for Nazi Style book burnings and censorship of information then it's time to wake up.

Professor Jim Fetzers new book:
Nobody died at Sandy Hook has been screwed over by Amazon by being banned for sale from them. In this interview from 22nd December 2015, Prof. Fetzer talks about his 2 books both available from : He talks about the amazing content of them and the ramifications of the information.

Topics discussed in this interview include:

The fake Saddam Hussein, Paul McCartney died, Osama bin Laden, 9-11 attacks, The faked moon landings, israeli false flags, George W Bush, Barak Obama, Robbie Parker, crisis actors, fema drills, the US gun grab, the fake holocaust, and much much more...

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