CyberTyranny The Social Credit System

 Now that the Omnibus bill has firmly planted its clutches on the internet via the CISA legislation Obama signed into law. We can now focus in the microscope on a specimen of a totalitarian example seeping into our previously protected online identities.

China’s largest social networks have partnered with the country’s Communist government to create a credit score system that will measure how obedient its citizens are. Entitled ‘Sesame Credit’, the program, “Aims to create a docile, compliant citizenry who are fiscally and morally responsible by employing a game-like format to create self-imposed, group social control. In other words, China gamified peer pressure to control its citizenry; and, though the scheme hasn’t been fully implemented yet, it’s already working — insidiously well,” reports Zero Hedge.

If we continue to treat the feelings of perpetually offended outrage mobs with more importance than free speech – particularly controversial and unpopular free speech – there’ll be no need for governments to impose a social credit score to control citizens – we’re already imposing it on ourselves by default. As Obama’s NWO agenda gains strength while we sit and watch.

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