Monday, November 30, 2015

TPP Will Force Climate Change Treaty

 America has successfully drug its feet on Climate Change legislation in the past, so you might be thinking that since Congress and the American in general don’t trust a thing that President Obama says at this point, that Congress will certainly defeat it this time.
Well, think again. It appears that the Climate Change Treaty and the Trans-Pacific Partnership are tied together in a sneaky master plan that will essentially neutralize the power of the U.S. Congress to stop it.
A new book, “Balanced Trade”, written by authors Howard, Raymond and Jesse Richman, explores all the nooks and crannies of the 5.544 Trans-Pacific Partnership deal that is currently pending before Congress.
Tucked into a back corner of Chapter 20 of the TPP Treaty is the secret way Obama’s Climate Change Treaty will be implemented around the Congress of the United States.
According to the Richman’s, the Climate Change treaty won’t have to go through Congress. It will be passed upon by a new governance that TPP sets up – a new trans-national body simply called “The Commission.
“[The new Climate Change Treaty] will likely be incorporated into the TPP when the Commission first meets after the TPP passes.”
The book points out that this represents a new way for America to be governed – a pattern which was first set with the Iran Nuclear Deal:
“When President Obama finished negotiating the Iran Nuclear Deal, he went first to the UN Security Council, not to Congress, to get the deal approved.”
“More or less the same thing could happen with the multilateral environmental agreement that Obama negotiates in Paris. It will be incorporated into the TPP, whether Congress agrees with its terms or not.”
But certainly that can’t happen. The American people would force Congress to stop it dead in its tracks.
Well, according to Chapter 27 of the TPP, something called “Additional Tribunals” will be created that:
“…can impose multi-billion dollar fines upon the U.S. government if the U.S. violates anything that is in the pact.”
According to the new book:
“In other words, the tribunals can force whatever Obama negotiates in Paris upon the American people, and Congress will have very little say.”
I’m Still reporting from Washington.

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