Big Brother -- MI5 illegally hacking UK phone network for decades (05Nov15)

The criminals MI5 have been hacking UK's phone network and logging calls for years - illegally. Thus proving that no matter what "law" is thought up by our crooked politicians, the criminal spies are completely lawless and don't give a fuck about laws.

Recorded from BBC1 HD, BBC Breakfast, 05 November 2015.

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  1. since 1945 the policies of AIPAC has being a forced "jewish bankers world domination" ill advised and disastrous, incomprehensible as 1945 was the victory of AIPAC over europe and the middle east the control of world media and government, so why does this jewish wizards having most tools at their disposal to conduct an animal farm realism end up with an upside-down world that soon will totally eliminate them "the ruling jewish bankers". certainly there is a big difference between the rothschild and CLOVIS. Rothschild: creating a Machiavellian reality without actually understanding Machiavelli is the result of this education imposed on the world today, aim is divide to conquer. between jews( the 1%) and palestinians ( the 99%). jews are the lot that knows (1%) the palestinians are the lot that must be conquered (99%) . in conclusion jews today are not fit to rule because this rothschild scheme does not work. it lacks the true vision of time, this understanding you do not get it in the university neither on the torah. however only traditional symbolic knowledge from the past can achieve such a task. as Orwells said the one that controls the past controls the future and the one that controls the future controls the present, the past begun long before 1947, before 1492, and before 3000 years ago.


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