Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dr. David Duke on Walking Dead European Zio-Zombies! 10.26.15

Dr. David Duke on Smokey Mtn Summit Deadline & Walking Dead European Zio-Zombies! 10.26.15

The Zionists are deliberately destroying all Western countries as they have secretly declared WAR upon us! They conspired to take control of our nation's infrastructure through carefully orchestrated acts of TREASON! They became our Bankers, Politicians & media owners. Their goal is to genocide the White race & to enslave the entire planet! For a FREE informative colorfully illustrated 132 page e-BOOK & 2 minute video on the Zionist engineered INTENTIONAL destruction of Western civilization see the censored link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8hg254ALpM Download the pdf document @ http://www.mediafire.com/download/svfc8yea6qzyi99/WNDebateBooklet_09-29-15.pdf

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  1. Agreed however, it does not make sense at all, as the eventual Zionist operate against themselves, why create a civilization that already exist. The pyramids were already laid out in Egypt where Moses took off to the mountains. It is understood the strategy of Israel and the media AIPAC; however the methods bounce the opposite result. Wars confusion, antisemitism, terrorism, economical failures crazy bankers & financiers. Therefore, why is the result the opposite of the desire if the power is already in your hands in the hands of the Zionist elite on this framework? More explicit as five world media are on Jews hands why do they create a reality that deteriorates. The soma of Huxley brave new world. “Required the citizens to agree to something they would not agree upon willingly” here is the same purpose however it gives contradictory results” as the violence increases from Afghanistan to New York. The new civilization is probably leading towards a cerebral equilibrium, and the media, AIPAC Israel triangle creates a cerebral dictum that contradicts this new civilization created by the main media civilization making fellows. The media as it evolves it contradicts itself because of the methods used.
    The new civilization is the old civilization on a better form it return to the archetype on a renewed self-purified from its ancient slip-ups.


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