David Duke "Lynched" By Probably-Racist Black Lady Last Night on Dr. Drew's CNN Show

George Zimmerman, the victim? That's what David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the KKK, argued to Dr. Drew's panel Monday night.He called the way Zimmerman has been portrayed in the news "a perfect example of the racism in the mass media against European-Americans."

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  1. Race is a circle white race and black race as Emanuel Kant said. to make it simple it is a circle the white men travels south as the black men travel north, the two meet on the middle Possible they were one race once divided and became two different races and now they strive for their own past of one race. However this adventure is no longer of any race as there is one race but rather an entity, the entity somehow was on the primordial race before they divided themselves it’s reason to be. A strive towards an absolute. Race on the other extreme inverts itself as albinos demonstrate visually to the entity. The entity is a 1 that is now divided in 2 and searches a way to be 1 not quite understanding the reality of 2. The middle of the story the middle of the play is on the mirror. The mirror image that is reveal.


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