Trump Stirs Things UP!

Published on Aug 31, 2015
"Former Detective Joe Crystal sat at a back table in Martin's West Ballroom last Thursday, scanning the room filled with police officers for any friends he still had ...

Oh boy, that Donald Trump sure doesn't hold back, does he? The outspoken real estate tycoon hopped on Twitter earlier today to blame President Barack ...

Richard Nixon talks about the Bohemian Grove and calls it the most fa*** God d**** thing you could ever imagine. The recording is from his presidential tapes.

TRUMP: My 'massive' net worth is 'in excess of TEN BILLION DOLLARS' more:

Tweet this video! - Make sure to check out our crazy channel and subscribe: Thank you for visiting our channel. If you are ...

JT Foxx Generates Funds for Philanthropic Endeavors This

Trump Stirs Things UP!

Trump Stirs Things UP!

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