Friday, June 26, 2015

How They're Creating America's Future & Final "Civil War" (2015)

The only way they're really gonna be able to continue with all this sick shit is through the TV. If we all stop watching TV, listening to garbage radio, and be very careful about what we look at on the internet, their power is gone. Poof, just like that. That is the center of their power. I happened upon MSNBC the other day and could not believe my eyes or ears! It's all in-frikin'-sane!!! But we need to tell as many people as we can: Turn of your TV's and become empowered. The time for waffling is over.

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  1. AIPAC CIVILIZATION vs WESTERN CULTURE: there is indeed a clash of civilizations however is not the usual suspect but rather the AIPAC civilization which is america and western civilization, which has nothing to do with AIPAC america . main media has brainwash and hypnotize most so many are lost and confuse but the clash of civilizations between western christian values and AIPAC values is on. AIPAC owns congress, the senate OBAMA wall street, IMF,FMI world bank and hollywood. the AIPAC civilization, is you america, however this AIPAC civilization rothschild style is no longer viable, AIPAC has created wars all over and hope to create chaos and confusion to have us bases worldwide, the problem is the AIPAC ideology is opposite to western civilization. this holocaust industry is part of AIPAC tactics to impose its insane ideology on the planet, so wake up and understand the real clash of civilization.

  2. the confederate flag is neutral/ : it goes either way, good or bad, nice or nasty. the flag is just the tool, however you can-turn it into your advantage rather than being the bad flag you can make it the good flag with a different history, such as liberty, justice. reality is the flag however she is just neutral a symbol of an artistic emotion. therefore it does not represent racism unless you designed as represented racism, if say represents liberty it does.


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