Gerald Celente -- China Does Business. US Loves War

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "China Does Business. US Loves War" - (6/25/15)

"The Shanghai markets declined almost 17% within a week, cash continues to flow out of developing markets & have you ever drank Obama coffee? An Israeli Interior Minister’s wife says the coffee is “black and weak."'

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  1. gerald you are under a AIPAC civilization, from 1913 officially that is what america is today 2015, america is not america is AIPAC: they own the media hollywood, wall street, congress the senate and the white house what you all skull and bone is just part of the AIPAC civilization as is barney's the father of propaganda. israel ww 1 ww2 are part of this american AIPAC civilization. reason why alex jones cry's out and many others that american constitution no longer exist and label the nation a police state all that is part of the AIPAC civilization as is the creation of Israel the FED and $ as reserve currency and the UN. AIPAC civilization is one world order a greater israel the end of europe and the domination of AIPAC globally having the holocaust as a symbol of guilt. they made it anyhow for a purpose. today you got a western society "europe and his history at war with the AIPAC civilization "america" reason why you call the american century from 1913, but is just your new AIPAC civilization impose on the old european values from europe. LGBT is another AIPAC way to distort you americans, they call it progress, is not gay's existed since plato and even before. take the nation back "end the AIPAC dictatorship of america and terrorism will disappear as race wars.


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