Globalists End Game For The Planet Revealed

 Alex Jones breaks down how the globalists are moving on all fronts and what their end game is.

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  1. I am not a fortune teller,, but I do think that weathy California is going to be the first to bite the dust.
    Draught, no crops, no drinking water, earth quakes, and overcrowding preceed the problem to be accelerated.
    South american immigration has a totally different value of human street crime and social values. They can kill you for 5 bucks, no problem The pacific ocean food chain is nearly dead now due to pollution and radio activity from fukushima. It´s the new dead sea outside the holy land, unless you consider Hollywood the Khazarian holy land.

  2. The economical think thanks most Nobel prizes included. The system has collapsed the system you use in Wall Street the financial centers the dollar as reserve currency banks, etc. all you have known since the industrial revolution Rothschild’s Morgan Rockefeller is banking and other financial trading logic no longer fits to the current realm of the 21 century. This collapse took place 2001 officially with 9/11, and now is reaching its last steep it is ending face. Wall Street and all you know as economical education can go to the BIN, the IMF World Bank, are meaningless and I do understand most want to save the system they have now. Is no longer possible technology is changing everything and is now changing the economic system. Its logic reasoning and foundations, you are entering a very different world than the Rothschild industrial revolution and the Nixon $ as reserve currency. The new world is practically here now and soon it shall be palpable. Politicians, bankers, philosophers and human rights watch, main media need an upgrade a mental upgrade the same they are giving to the Greek citizens now. As is not just the lot that needs a mental upgrade but as well economist and lawyers financiers and presidents as investor. The transition is entering its last steep, so beware.
    That is the problem HONESTY, politicians, bankers CEO, networks, Hollywood, etc. Think that what main media (television-web-print-films-music" says, on this government controlled networks.
    Such as CNN, fox news, Hollywood, etc. is what reality is. Unfortunately, when the media lies the result is the inverse of the lie. The Ukrainian sitcom for instance, everything that the main media says; in reality is the opposite; facts systematically contradict the main media networks. the Victoria nulan affair is no different that the saddam hussein, weapons of mass destruction or Khadafy genocides. Alternatively, even the 9/11, media presentation.
    Honesty has inverted the economy since 2001 as well not just the psyche. 2015 is not the crisis is over; this 2015 is just the preview! The crisis is coming. A lot worse than 9/11 economically and the spin a lot wider. Who controls the media controls the world. Honesty could be the controller


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