I Robot, You Robot - Post Human - Trans- Human

This was to be one of four video's that I was going to release (two are not yet done, one on reptilians and the other on angels. Apologies for the delay. I'll be releasing those two shortly). What if a bunch of nanobot technology could be inhaled, in one breath, and reconstruct your entire body and mind into becoming an 'instant' robotic fighting machine? Think it's impossible? Watch this video. I tried to squeeze relevant information into as little time as I could into one hour to make the video shorter (as many have barked that my video's are too long. Sometimes, evidence 'be like that.'
Many thanks to fellow YouTuber's who made this video possible.
The world is a forever changing place. What if you could download your consciousness, or have fake memories put into your brain? IT IS possible. 

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