Thursday, April 30, 2015

Marines Training for Civil unrest & Riot Control in America

YORKTOWN | We just received a tip about an Operational Readiness Exercise conducted at the Naval Weapons Station in Yorktown Virginia. Marines training for riot control.

Per the usual the exercise was given the cover story of overseas preparation. Sgt. Andrew S. Wilbur, a non-lethal weapons instructor said of a similar exercise “Consider they are hypothetically operating within an EMBASSY."

However, As we've been following for weeks, public concerns are running high amidst the recent ft Lauderdale FEMA Camp Roundup drills, and the Ontario California martial law train.

Participants in This latest training exercise were the Bravo Fleet Anti-terrorism Security Team Company.

Oddly the high production footage you're seeing right now is directly from the Department of Defense. As a professional news package intended for the public to see.

This has a twofold effect. First. The Marines are training for riot and crowd control on American soil where tea partiers and Constitutionalists are constantly demonized by politicians and the media. In the event of civil unrest these same Marines could deploy this training upon Americans.

Second. The media production aspect of this is chilling because it shows they are doing this in full public view. They want this to be seen. Because they want the public to accept Marines not police conducting riot control during the coming martial law and societal breakdown.

While training is a common part of military life these tactics a suspect in context of other reports we've done here at the next News Network. Please review our previous reports to gain the full perspective.

And most importantly. Please be prepared for the unknown days that lie ahead.

For the next News Network, I'm Gary Franchi.

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