Deal With Iran -- Bible Prophecy Fulfiled

Ezekiel 38 : The Beast lays out Nuclear framework with Persia as the Blood Moon Rises (Apr 03, 2015)

Again, The Prophecy of Elam will be fulfilled. The Israeli Prime Minister said himself, they will not allow a Nuclear Iran "PERIOD". To those that think this is part of "Psalm 83", no it is not, it is part of the pretext to the Persian / Gog / Magog invasion of Ezekiel 38. Yes they are linked and yes Psalm 83 happens prior to, but this has to do with the Prophecy of Elam spoken of by Jeremiah the Prophet (Jeremiah 49:34-39). Make no mistake, Israel will hit Iran and NO BODY, including the U.S. Military is going to stop the #1 Air Force in the World, with God as their Co-Pilot.

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  1. good or bad is not israel concern busyness or problem. israel is on the losing cord, better behave, hollywood and main media even if it is own, by israeli interest has no power is over, for hollywood now is no longer a brainwashing machine, the brainwash no longer works. the media propaganda does not have an echo. is just a waste of time and soon shall disappear. from the new york time to fox news to haaretz.
    what main media does not understand is that indeed in the past they did brainwashed folks and lead them as sheep, is over, they will no longer have that capability. the context reverses their brainwash intent, "instantly".

  2. Iran has not attacked another country in 300 years. On the other hand America has destroyed the governments of 50 countries and murdered over 20 million people.

    Israel is a pious fraud. It has only existed since 1948 and consists merely of malevolent killers occupying stolen Palestinian land.
    Iran has no nuclear weapons. Israel has hundreds and America has thousands. Yet it is Iran that has sanctions on it.
    It is time to boycott the vile Zionist entity and remove all investment and put sanctions and a blockade on it.

  3. Netanyahoo needs to be arrested and put on trial at the ICC as he is an obvious war criminal and like the war criminals at Nuremberg he needs a stretched neck.
    He is a liar and a fraud and the leader of a bunch of thieves and murderers.

  4. The Goyim GuardsmanApril 4, 2015 at 12:50 PM

    Bible bull shit myths Europe will withdraw sanctions and do lucrative business with Iran Russia will supply the S 300 and 400 missiles .Screw the yanks let them rot in the stink hole called America!

  5. THis could be handy as we might be having to buy electricity as well as oil here in the UK. After the environmentalists have finished


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