These are The 6 offensive Military options that Russia could conduct in Ukraine

Wargaming Russia's Military Options in Ukraine
Stratfor examines six offensive military options that Russia could conduct in Ukraine.

I wonder what country Russia will invade next after this? Maybe referendums in Donetsk, Luhansk, Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia over the next few years making them all officially Russian territory then build them up with offensive missiles and advanced air defenses. Then weaken the nearby countries through economic warfare, threats, hacking, sabotage, etc. Next immigrate Russian speakers and concentrate them in border areas to start new breakaway regions where Russia must "protect Russian speakers." Continue this process until the Russian Federation reaches the German and Iranian borders.

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  1. Stratfor: a bunch of oxymoronic encephalopaths ! to make such imbecile allegations !
    It is the old and gone history !
    This is the plan of NATO en USA, not of Russia.,!
    Russians( slavians ) are there for 14 centuries long ago and also as proto-slaves before !!! No need to make such a moronic action , this was the Policy in USSR( Stalin) until Khrushchev !and as result was to come with this virtual state named Ukraine.
    They are blood-brothers, exempt the South nations which are the remains of Khazars -Turkish Imperium , and the Khasars( non semitic Jews) want to restore their Imperium !
    If Russia have had such intention it was made by surprise in 2014 immediately after the NAZI-NATO-USA-Soros coup d'etat !
    ... and not in the ways the the imbeciles from Stratfor thinks !
    I know precisely the ways how it was possible to do it , but it is not anymore the Russian actuality !

  2. USA keeps invading countries and murders millions of the populations.
    If only Russia had invaded Ukraine as they would have wiped out the fascists and oligarchs in a week and occupied Kiev.
    It is an American invasion of eastern Europe and I join with the people of the Czech Republic and say "Ami go home" and I hope you bloody stay their and collapse in your own trash.


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