The Last False Flag : An Alien Invasion - Stewart Swerdlow

 When will there be a False Flag Alien Invasion? Are you a mind control slave? Are you allowing an extraterrestrial current to enter your body? Stewart Swerdlow can help you in hyper space!

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  1. the problem in north america specifically the usa is that it does not exist, from 1913 is officially a AIPAC nation, AIPAC controls the nation totally since 1913. the confusion of today is that this 1913 reign begun its decline in 1989, and 2001 the d day. today washington "AIPAC NATION" is is close to its final collapse total collapse, therefore
    markets wars and the $ are all unstable diplomacy is
    unstable, and confusion is the rule of the day. this does not means the end of america but it means the end of the AIPAC NATION.


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