Monday, March 30, 2015

Israel's IDF attack a RT crew covering protests in Palestine with flashbangs !

IDF rolls flashbang at RT crew covering protests in Palestine
An RT Arabic crew reporting on Palestinian Land Day demonstrations in Nablus in the West Bank narrowly avoided injury after almost being struck by stun grenades on Monday.

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  1. Your lucky if that had have been a Muslim army they would have been live grenades .

  2. they are part of the arab league purpose destroy the muslim religion and protect the saudi kings and Queens: arab league main problem for muslims as they are the victims, the arab league aim is to destroy the muslim religion on the long term, and turn folks into slaves for the bankers and the saudi kings and queens, so if you love to be an slave join the arab league.!!

  3. The vile racist entity that occupies stolen Palestinian land needs to be removed. Israel is an illegitimate apartheid state that came into being using fraud and violence.
    All the IDF is able to be is a terrorist group called Haganna wearing American uniforms and has no business being in or occupying Palestine.


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