ISIS Prepare for Jesus's coming??? - Final Generation - Final Events

Islamic State terrorists are announcing they are part of the apocalyptic end times prophesied in the Koran and that Jesus will appear soon to defeat the armies of Rome thus beginning the countdown to the end of the world. This prophetic interpretation was hinted at by the leader of the grisly beheadings of 21 Coptic Christians earlier this month as he pointed northward in the grisly video of the killings, saying, "We will conquer Rome, by Allah's permission." ISIS believes it is setting up a showdown with the armies of Rome in northern Syria and then a final showdown with an anti-Messiah in Jerusalem.

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  1. An occurrence that gathers as well large quantities of people. Two happenings somehow take place. The crime and the masses that gather similarly in Paris, Argentina, Denmark, Moscow; recently. A communal gathering of many. Coincidences and timings as well time that goes from the month of January to the month of February. What are the consequence, intend is what needs reflection, as events links to events, strategy beforehand or random. The best way to avoid the continuity of the current events where arms and weapons has a part on the scene, simplicity and less weapons can easy the task. Hate speech is better than weapons speech, providing there are not around, a sort of contradiction! As the prevention from action is in this case the speech. If action as such harms others, eventually the psychology of hate is transfer from a harmful action physically. To a just text action, in the long run the elements of hate can be somehow decipher as the actions as destruction decreases. A sort of a balanced disarmament.


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