Ann Barnhardt -- Get Out, Get Out, Get Out of the SYSTEM!

Ann Barnhardt tells it exactly like it is. If you bury your head in the sand, enjoy your coming surfdom (and fema camp annihilation/depopulation). Courageous individual, a true leader. Pastor Williams' Insider contact is warning that within 3 months all this collapse will happen and will result in starvation, breakdown of law and order. So stock up on food, water, fuel, alternate power, etc, just in case!

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  1. wall street vs beaumont texas: or moving wall street to beaumont texas. nicer brand name! more elegant in some ways...! futuristic.

  2. Ann Barnhardt is a smart woman, although she RIPPED ME when I e-mailed her regarding 'Chem-Trails!' She supposedly doesn't believe in them. And PLEASE Mz. Barnhardt, don't tell people how to raise their children, when you OBVIOUSLY don't have any!!!!

    1. Just because she understands futures markets doesn't mean she understands jack squat else. I respect her financial opinion but on other stuff she is just as lost as anyone else who hasn't studied a particular issue. Don't seek for her to get it just because you agree on finance and money.


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