ALERT: Nobel Laureate Warning Of Bond Market Crash! By Gregory Mannarino

 The depleted resource is money and it's value. The death toll that we will see skyrocket will be in countries that REQUIRE our foreign aid to feed the masses. When we (u.s.a)finally hit the ceiling of our debt limit and the dollar collapses, we will create a massive vacuum that will pull every nation down with us...some more than other but there is no doubt the impact will effect everyone.
There will be no one to buy China's crap.
The goods we buy from Europe will drop, which will in turn impact them greatly. Fuel consumption will plummet. As each country struggles with massive unemployment, civil unrest and social upheaval; the government of those countries will have no choice but to divert all of their attention to the crisis in their country...After all they want to be re elected right? Well, the undeveloped countries will be forgotten and even if they are only forget for a small time, well, it doesn't take long when there's no food coming in.
On top of all of that. Religious extremists and straight up evil will take this opportunity to kill and oppress the weak or defenseless.
War may even break out during all of this. There is no question a rebalance of the worlds power and a reset of the population would come from an economic collapse

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