What's the Real Story behind Putin's aggressive international posturing

The Truth Behind Putin's Posturing
The Putin Question: What's the real story behind Putin's aggressive international posturing, and what does it mean for the world?

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  1. A totally lop-sided view from a pro-western frame work; poor job.

  2. the american financial casino is over, however all casinos will fall no matter what rhetoric media brainwash or even jesus says is over for wall street and i'ts financial rotten game. so keep filming that will not change anything but increases creativity and arts, as well enhances knowledge. facts will remain the same, and different opinions are good for the mind...

  3. the media in the west is control by wall street and the advertising agencies, reason why people act and react to a programed stimulus embedded from school system in the west, you are tailored to functionality, actors son becomes an actor as toilet cleaning lady will have his son become a toilet cleaning boy, "there are exceptions like the american dream but just very few" at an early age. school system is a double edge sword in the west you need it but is a deadly virus to your mind.

  4. ukrainian morons should move to greece so they understand the EU..!!!


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