Saturday, January 31, 2015

Max Igan - Reclaiming the Earth - Steps Towards a Collective Awakening

 Max Igan speaking at the Open Mind Conference Copenhagen, Denmark, Sept 21st 2014

Remember one thing: EVERY person you touch touches someone else. A person doesn't need to heal the world. They need to heal themselves and care for whatever part of the world they've been born into. Want a simple example? The smile you give a stranger may be the only loving human contact that person has had the entire day. In that situation YOU become the vessel through which love has been channeled. Continue to live in this manner, and you provide an example for others. What a better way to bring about change in this "piece of shit" reality. Put your feet on the path. Ask the Creator to tell you where to go. Go there. That's how healing happens. You came to this page for a reason. It's a spot of light in the darkness. Catch fire from it and carry that light with you wherever you go.

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