Thursday, January 29, 2015

Greg Hunter -- World Marching Toward War, Iran and Israel Close to War, North American Union Real

 The EU wants to put another round of sanctions on Russia; and get this, Greece is signaling it will veto that action. So, not only does the recently elected Greece leadership want debt forgiveness, it also looks like it is going to side with Russia over more sanctions. Greece is a NATO country, and it’s making noises that may close NATO military bases and withdraw from the alliance. All this is destabilizing the EU economy and the geopolitical situation there. There is no doubt that part of the world is inching towards more war over Ukraine.

Want more war possibilities? Look no further than the Middle East. The hottest of hot spots is looking more and more like Israel. Ever since Israel bombed Hezbollah positions in Syria near the Golan Heights, the shooting has been picking up on both sides. This is all part of the reason why the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is going to talk to Congress about Iran, its nuclear program and more sanctions. The President is furious over this, and I think it’s because there may be enough votes on both sides of the isle to override a veto. Congress will no doubt pass legislation to strengthen sanctions against Iran if talks fail to curtail Iran’s nuclear program.

Finally, CNN is pushing for a North American Union in an opinion piece posted on Remember when people said this was crazy conspiracy theory talk a few years ago? Well, now it’s real and backed by CNN!

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  1. GREECE: have no fear europe can do nothing they are on a box, lock in by washington, exit NATO it will be easy, and accept rubles and yuans in greece, forget the EU, follow victoria nuland words.


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