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World War 3 2014 [31 Dec] Huge Escalations [27-30 Dec] illuminati numerology New World Order

My sincere apologies to those who believed the numerology for 17 Dec as WW3 -- but not to those who attacked me with hateful comments. I too believed it. However, please note that 17 Dec was the beginning point.

17, 22, 26, 31 Dec are numerologically connected.

22 Dec - see comment 17-22-26-31 Dec

Whole Picture:

Beatty Sequence with Golden Ratio

Fibonacci clock:

26 Dec 17-26-31 Dec

31 Dec
17-31 Dec:


3 historically significant events [28 Aug, 21 Sep, 30 Oct]

28 Aug 2014
NATO and US had emergency meetings on the same day because of the Russian incursion and ISIS massacre.

21 Sep 2014
Tens of thousands protested against Russian government in Moscow and it was broadcast on YouTube live because it was so dramatic. This was exactly opposite to what happened on 28 Aug.

30 Oct 2014
The trilateral Russia-EU-Ukraine gas deal was supposed to be on 29th Oct but they discussed "overnight" and finally signed the deal in the evening of 30th Oct, and they had a little ceremony which was broadcast on TV in Ukraine.

The huge event related to WW3 (numerologically predicted to be on 25 Nov ) was the Ferguson riot which started around 0430, 25 11 2014 UTC. Not to mention dozens of buildings were on fire, a black man was killed near where Michael Brown was fatally shot, and more than 2000 soldiers were ordered into Ferguson.

On the same day, Hong Kong police arrested 80 pro-democracy protesters, and British lawmakers cancelled a visit to China after one MP who defended Hong Kong's autonomy was not granted a visa.

The Ferguson riot clearly indicates the imminent anarchism which presumably will occur at the same time as WW3.

17 Dec 2014 - "Perfect" Numerology:

Summary of 17/31 Dec:

Historical events on 17 Dec:
Foreign exchange in Finland no longer recognises rubles for trade.

Palestine submitted draft UN Security Council resolution to end Israeli occupation. EU removed Hamas from Eu list of terrorist groups after 13 yrs.

President Obama announced that the United States will restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and open an embassy in Havana for the first time in more than 50 years.

American Alan Gross was released from a Cuban prison after "five" years, as part of an agreement that also includes the release of "three" Cubans jailed in the United States.

-Supplementary Numerologies-
WW1 Full Clock Numerology:
WW2 Full Clock Numerology:

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