Tim Rifat : Oil Prices Going Below $20

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Turan (Tim) Rifat was born in Brighton in 1957. He has a university science degree and another in education. Whilst doing his Ph.D., the author decided he’d had enough of mechanistic science, so for the past 15 years he has been
researching the paranormal, with the aim of developing its physics, as well as carrying out numerous workshops on healing and personal development. His research task took rather longer than imagined, and led to some unfortunate confrontations with ‘evil’ forces-MI5 being the least of these. Recently, he set up Paranormal Management Systems (PMS), the only company in Europe with expertise in biophysical RMCT that can come close to what the Russians have developed and which outstrips the US knowledge base in the biophysical area.
PMS evaluates this military-domain RMCT material and develops it in terms of its applications for business in enhancing profitability and performance. Turan Rifat offers courses and consultancy in the RV/RI field. He is currently writing a book, Remote Viewing: The Story of the Real X-Files, and is planning to follow up this article with one on ESP and telepathy, with reference also to synthetic telepathy

Remote Viewing and Sensing for Managers: How to Use Military Psiops for a Competitive Edge Paperback by Tim Rifat

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  1. 1990 and walker BUSH war in iraq, them afghanistan 9/11 and now the whole middle east in flame israel close to disappearing and AIPAC is happy, and americans claim they exist in a democracy, no wonder the world if it does end it might be good for the animal kingdom, as if an alien just pops into planet earth, he will wonder about the sophistication of microwave communication of birds and other animals and the brute reasoning of humans and very very low development of their brains as humans do create objects and machines as they themselves are machines.


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