Illuminati REPTILIAN Oppressors - The REAL ENEMY

 If you know a lot of people, from all walks of life, you have heard some of them talk about the Reptilians, and you knew they were more serious than most are when they spoke of how loyal they are to their loved ones. Are they real? You decide. Ask yourself this: 'Why is it, that during the year of 2014, they're still teaching hate against each other during a time of the practice of, apparent, political correctness. Why be intelligent when being animal is so much easier? Why are blacks being murdered and incarcerated (on the same crimes), on 3 to 1 ratio compared to white people? It's a plan that many are too willing to ignore. Or is it? You be the judge.
Why does the free world support freedom while supporting the oppression of freedome within its very borders? The answer will knock your monkey ass out. Raise above monkey and use that intelligence. Is there a plan against the human race attaining a new level of knowledge? You decide. I know it sounds crazy.
I mean, 'really,' is it truly possible to make masses of mankind hate each other over a mere discrepancy in any religion that those masses of mankind decide to follow? Is it that simple? It can't be!!!! But, alas, yes, it soooo easily, sadly, is. That's not intelligence, that's a reactionary animal being trained to react. Anything less? Has no concept of a God, whatsoever. Period.

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