Thursday, November 20, 2014

Obama To Invade Libya Again ?

U.S. Now Calling Libyan Rebels The Islamic State To Invade Libya Again

 Millennials are the most underemployed generation. Real estate is imploding as housing starts decline. More people are dependent on the government than ever before. Asian demand for oil could switch to the renminbi. Obama is going to push for amnesty this Friday for illegals. Ferguson deploys, chemical, explosive vehicles to get ready for the rioting. Germany dispatching 850 soldiers to Afghanistan. Chinese setting up naval bases to secure international maritime routes. The US now designates the rebels in Libya the Islamic State all in preparation to invade Libya again. The Islamic State has enough supplies and weapons to last up to two years. False flag warning, Syria secretly transferred chemical weapons to Iraq and now is in the process of secretly transferring them back to Syria.

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