Nibiru / Planet X - Two Suns - 'The Date of Arrival' - An Illuminati Secret

Everyone wants to know 'when' is Nibiru arriving? The answer is to be found from the one man who's transcriptions, of 6000 year old writings, matched the theories of the most elite professional astronomers in the world at the time. A man called Sitchin.
More information on Nibiru than you'd expect in this video, which IS for educational purposes, analytic study, debate, and contemplation. I included all of the credits at the end of one segment to get across the point of 'all the people involved' (a fair size amount, and yet the numbers are much more grand and involve far more great minds than can be jammed into any production / video).
Are the Reptilians part of it all? Click here:
100 years of killer meteorite strikes staring in 2017.
Many comments ask why does Nibiru always seem to involve religion? The answer is quite simple; more evidence to the truth is to be found there. One must have an open mind in order to address all of the evidence. Are the Nephilim / Annunaki demons? All this is for you to decide.
Since Nibiru was first speculated, it seems like there has been a mad rush to get off of this planet, and not just television shows (or movies), reflect this. So, too does the rate to which technology is advancing.
Are we only hearing of technology decades after it's created? One would think so after watching this video. So very many scientists, physicists, and astronomers have taken Nibiru / Planet X seriously, that is, until a gag order on the subject was implemented with no credited person being allowed to discuss the topic.
What is your opinion?
Made for content to get you thinking out of this world (something the cosmos want you to do / appreciate them and contemplate them for the 'resonance' effect).
The more I research? The more it seems there is something out there. You decide.
In no way do the opinions and or beliefs expressed in this video reflect my own. I am researching the theories of Nibiru and the evidence that, incredibly is found all over the place, only supports it's existence (I can't find the proper evidence to disprove it.... yet.. but I am looking. It's just not out there. Most debunkers of Nibiru are those with mere education who have no idea of astronomy, let alone the great minds that theorize of a tenth planet and support Sitchin's transcriptions).
Are there aliens on this planet controlling our rulers, doing all that they can to get off of this planet before the return of Nibiru? You decide when it comes to the last part of the video (and you can view the entire show of what the ladies talking about by clicking this link here:

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