Wednesday, October 29, 2014

George Soros wants europe to start WW3 with Russia!

Putin's work is hard and he have many stress with all events that're happening now. We must all encourage him and show that we are really supporting him !!! "Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin, you sacrificed so much not just for your Nation but also for the entire planet, entire human being ! Know that all our thoughts are with you. You are not alone, we love you, trust you and support your actions !! Without you, the world would miss something significant. Just know, that we are thanking you with all heart !!" LONG LIFE TO VLADIMIR VLADIMIROVIC PUTIN, OUR HERO !!!!!

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  1. lots of nonsense, this men does not know what europe is neither russia, however we cant blame him for his ignorance only a few understand the configuration. wars are idiotic and benefit no one. this men wants wars because he does not understand.


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