Why 9-11 Truth Matters So Much

Bin Laden was never charged with anything to do with it, the FBI admits that much and it’s in the public record. Yet ask any of the treasonous political whores and they’ll still lie to your face. The Commission says they wanted to bring charges, but were somehow ‘persuaded’ not to. Who and what charges? And more than a thousand people have died because the government, knowingly, told people the air was safe to breath. When they had all the facts in front of their faces saying otherwise. Who should go to jail for just that? CIA 1035-960 Look that document up and see who came up with the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ and why. To control nincompoops who they wanted to control. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” And that comes directly from the mouth of the CIA director, Bill Casey, in 1981. Looks like the ‘program’ is complete.

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