Build Up to WW3 -- Lavrov: US must stop acting like global prosecutor

Washington must stop acting unilaterally, with no regard to other nations’ interests, and should engage in honest cooperation to tackle global problems, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said in an interview with RT and the VGTRK media corporation

Sergey Lavrov: The UN cannot be more efficient than its member states because the UN is not some abstract notion; the UN is an international organization composed of governments, and it is these governments that define its agenda. All the Secretariat does is act on the instructions they receive from the governments. The UN has been changing and will certainly continue to change; the UN reform is an ongoing process. And this is not just because the people working on it have nothing else to do; no, we live at a time when the whole world is changing. New challenges come up all the time. Who knew this Ebola virus would come up, for example? And yet it is perhaps the top priority now. Something needs to be done to stop people from dying. We need to find some kind of cure. The UN is being reformed in many different aspects. For example, the Peacebuilding Commission was set up a few years ago. It deals with the situations when a conflict enters the stage of settlement, and there is a need for reconstruction. Such situations are in between two jurisdictions: that of the Security Council dealing with war and peace matters, and that of the Economic and Social Council – dealing, naturally, with the matters reflected in its name.

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