Canada -- An Economic DISASTER Waiting to Happen

Canada Trillion Dollar Debt COLLAPSE & Real Estate CRASH!

An economic DISASTER will take place in which all dominoes will fall, causing mass chaos around the world. Food will empty from store shelves and cities will burn from anarchy. Globally this issue presents itself because of the New World Order and it's hold over every aspect of financial and political systems.

If you believe your country is somehow shielded from this, look deeper and see if your country could sustain itself without trade to other countries and avoid the chaos taking place outside its borders.

 Overbuilt condo market puts Canadian economy at risk: BoC
An overbuilt and overpriced condominium market is posing a risk to Canadian households, banks and the economy in general, the Bank of Canada warned
Why the Bank of Canada has an inflation and interest rate dilemma
Vancouver’s median home price was 9.5 times the annual median household income indicating a massive bubble.
About 78 per cent of Ontario’s 18,600 exporters sell into the U.S.
Consumer debt hits record $1.4-trillion

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