WHO CONTROLs the ILLUMINATI The Highest Seat in the WORLD

This video may explain to you who the Illuminati are. Is your religion controlled by the Illuminati? Is there a way to know? Are there some organizations that are free of the Illuminati control? If you found out that your organization was controlled by Satan, would you leave?


  1. What a pathetic and speculative rant. Shame of you for speaking such nonsense. A worldwide conspiracy of Satan worship, manipulated and totally controlled by an elite.

    One could just as easily say that the general Christian church was such a conspiracy, with all its beliefs, traditions and practices, most of which are extra-biblical.

    You are like the man in the glass house, throwing rocks....

  2. This video is based on what?? Where are the facts? Just someone going blah blah blah ! I know for a fact he is wrong. Everyone should make up their own mind and do their own research. Too many EXPERTS got too much to say!!


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