Thursday, June 26, 2014

John Boehner Confirms Republicans Are Suing Obama Over Executive Actions He's Taken

I just love how Mr. Boner deflects questions directed to him by evading the question and pointing his finger to the "other guy." Boner perfectly demonstrates the lame duck principle. Bottom line is that Congress will leave for the 4th of July holiday and what the hell have they done for the working people this year or any other year? Throw all the bums out. A trained ape can do a better job!


  1. Boehner is worried about Gowdy. Probably see a song and dance with a small concession at the end.

  2. Suing? How about impeachment? The SCOTUS just ruled that Obama violated the Constitution with his most recent appointments which were done without the approval of Congress.

    Rhinos have big balls; the Boner RINO has none.


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