Proof Santa Barbara drive-by Shooting is a Hoax

The question is whether or not the "powers that be" who pull off these stunts are playing chess. What I mean by this is - are they looking 10-50 steps into the future or are they just looking a couple steps ahead. Gun control, mental health, and so forth would be the transparent agenda. A possible manufactured revolution would be a non-transparent agenda. Once you delve a little bit further into the elite's mindset, it becomes a psychological warfare where the masses are conditioned through fear based trauma. These mass shootings act as a mass Masonic/Occult initiation in which the general public becomes susceptible to suggestion. That's why they put out Robbie Parker and that bearded loon within 24 hours talking about gun control. During the first 48 hours of a tragic event, the public is opened to suggestion. Not only this, but the general public becomes numb, apathetic, and desensitized to these types of "mass shootings" - even if they are fake, the general public accepts them as fact. But the ultimate question is if they want independent researchers to expose them. And my answer is Yes. Why? Because exposure without consequence is one of the most useful tools the occult uses. By exposing something so blatantly obvious like Sandy Hook and have nobody prosecuted actually works against us. Exposure without action against the criminals indirectly causes us to offer our consent to these hoaxes. In other words, we expose them, but are powerless to do anything about it. In my opinion, this is why these hoaxes are so blatantly obvious to those who are awake. The powers that be are extremely arrogant, and they actually get a hard on when we expose them and do nothing about it. This is what Kissinger meant when he said "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." 

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