Rush Limbaugh : We Are headed Towards a Great Depression

We are already reliving the 1930s Rush. We don't have food lines today because we have food stamps.
With all the crap that Obama has gotten away with, nothing will surprise me where he or his entourage of communists are concerned, but I am surprised that normal everyday, hard-working people continue to sit on their asses and not do anything, like a frog slowly being cooked in a pot of water on the stove.

RUSH: Now, I want to get back, ’cause I asked the caller who said, “Rush, it’s finished; it’s over. The Mayans collapsed and we’re in the process. We’re gonna collapse here.” I wanted this guy to tell me what he meant. “What does it look like? What does collapse look like?” I want to run through this again. I want to tell you where we’re headed, if there aren’t changes, and what we will look like. The road that we are on takes us back to the Great Depression.
That’s what things will look like.
People lined up for food, shelter.  It’s gonna be ugly.  People will be losing their savings and their pensions and their investments, in any number of ways.  A, they just become worthless.  The value of money evaporates when the government prints too much and there’s too much is in circulation. Or the government takes it, confiscates it.  “Come on, Rush! They can’t take the money.”
Folks, the Reverend Jackson himself has personally suggested that government actually confiscate everybody’s pensions.  He says, “There’s trillions of dollars there.  We need it.  We need it for benefits.”  Don’t think that can’t happen.  Pension, your investments, gone. How about this: Of those that are invested in tax-free municipal bonds, what happens if one day the IRS — not Congress, not Ways and Means Committee, not a piece of legislation.

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