Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Emergency Transformation Show with Noam Chomsky & Jason Liosatos Ethical Compromises

In this show I talk about ethical and moral compromises as being one of the greatest threats to us as humanity, and I play part of an interview I did with Noam Chomsky who gives us an example of ethical compromises with the fake polio vaccine programme that was carried out in Pakistan, by the US government as a decoy, near the Bin Laden compound, the cessation of which could cause up to 100,000 deaths. Noam reminds us that we are not only getting used to ethical compromises we are accepting them. I also discuss the new unethical trend of ‘kill them just in case’ murdering suspects without a trial for the victims or the western government perpetrators. I give examples of how ethical compromises are effecting us in the financial and government circles, and I also talk to Pete Santilly about the Bundy Ranch crisis in Nevada, which is a typical example of the ethical and moral line being crossed, in the slow creep towards the acceptance that Noam Chomsky talked about. www.jasonliosatos.com

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