Why Bankers Want Control of Ukraine

The West wants to steal the Ukrainian's gas. Never mind the fracking will destroy their water supply. The Transnational Ruling Cabal doesn't care about the sufferings of "ordinary people." The birth-defects and cancers will add profits to the "privatized health-care industries." Win-Win for them. Loose-Loose for regular folks.

 Exxon, Shell etc. will drill via IMF contracts, nothing new under the sun. The IMF is the globalists high interest lender. They create a conflict, or working with the central banking system, will call in loans, which they did in Greece for example. The IMF is an arm of the central banking system. The only way for Ukraine to stay viable country, and join the EU, is to accept the IMF terms of endearment.
the deal with shell was signed by Yanukovych, there are documents even photos with them shaking hands. the project was suspended when ppl started protesting against it. the deal Yanukovych signed is that for 5 years shell takes everything they find after that they leave it to Ukraine. the other part of the deal is that Ukraine loses sovereignty over the area shell drills.please trust me. i am very involved in fighting this. the new regime was very quick to vote for the deal the only ones against were...you will be surprised. i have documents, photos videos names of whom what voted.anyone interested in the truth? you know that the only minister from the old government that kept his position is the one that pushed to Yanukovych the deal with shell. one more thing, the leader of the movement that stopped and exposed what shell was doing in eastern Ukraine died last month in Kiev shot by a sniper. how convenient. for some.

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