Wayne Madsen - NSA contractor reveals Obama's Crimean Hypocrisy

The situation in the Ukraine has resulted in the worst diplomatic crisis in American/Russian relations since the Cold War. Russian troops marched into Crimea, on orders of Vladimir Putin. In an election recently held on the peninsula, nearly 97 percent of voters voiced their support in favor of joining Russia. The Obama Administration and Putin began instituting a series of sanctions against the other nation. Each side banned lawmakers and other officials from the other country from travel. Further restrictions were placed on business in their territories.

Wayne Madsen is a former NSA contractor, a well-known investigative journalist and author. He writes about international affairs and intelligence.

He has produced several recent works on the crisis in the Ukraine. One article is titled "Independence Referenda Only Count when Washington and its Allies Say They Count." It questions the guidelines American lawmakers use to determine whether or not they will support a vote in another nation. In another article, the journalist claims the pledge of economic support for Ukrainian rebels is a violation of U.S. law.

Madsen is our guest on the show today. We will talk about the crisis in the Ukraine, as well as the pledge for aid from the Obama Administration. We will discuss his two newest articles on the subject, as well as the possible future of the region.

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