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Pavlovian Conditioning -- Alan Watt -- Inevitable Fate of Sanctioned Hate

Alan Watt Blurb [9th March, 2014] Inevitable Fate of Sanctioned Hate
Why is it that humans react to stimuli with certain behaviors? Can behaviors change in response to consequences? Alan Watt explains how the brain can associate unrelated stimuli and responses, proved by Ivan Pavlov's famous 1890 experiments, and how reinforcement and punishment can result in changed behavior.

Science of Conology - Management of the Public - Only One Agenda - Revolutions - The Noble Lie - Creation of Social Disapproval - Groupthink - Approved Radical Groups - Destruction of the Family Unit - Infiltration - Maintenance of Power - Re-emergence of Soviet System - Long-Term Planning - Wealth comes from Labour - Logic and Reason - Guise of Liberalism - Fake View of History - Leaders Given to Follow - Darwins and Scientific Elite - Charles Galton Darwin - Eugenics, Controlled Breeding - GIRFEC - Domestication - System of Indoctrination and Civilization - Ant Colonies - Behavioural and Physical Alteration with Hormones - Geoengineering - Creation of a "Master Breed" - Joke of "Democracy" - Taboo Topics - Fear-Driven Sales Techniques - Vacuum Cleaners and Fallout Shelters - Actual Temperature Readings - Delivery System of Entertainment.

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