Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Homeless Man Killed by Police For Camping Caught on Tape

The US is occupied , the sooner you grasp that the sooner you will find a way. Watching this video you might as well have been watching a raid in Fallujah Iraq. Combat-gear clad killers pretending to be men ,fighting for nothing, standing for nothing and achieving only misery. You all know what needs to be done, talk all you like.... but you know.

Since when is turning to the left when the police talk to you a capital offense? Well, since these cops know they can kill with impunity, they just do whatever the hell the want for whatever BS reason they come up with.This was a clear crime ,happy trigger cops there is no other way to see it..And God only knows how many other they have killed not reported. clear execution mafia style ,he was cooperating and they killed him. When Tyranny becomes the norm in government ,with such disrespect for human life; that encourage the same aptitude for every other government agency ,including the ones that are supposed to protect people and not to kill them.

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