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Financial Collapse April 11th 2014

Regarding the Possible Financial event - Caller who tracks dates of important Central Bank Meetings correlates time frames.

The Housing Bubble was created by the US Govt. and the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel. In their minds, building houses is the answer to all economic problems. After ten years of NAFTA economic destruction, the DotCom Crash and 9/11, our "leaders" panicked and went berserk. They reworked the financial industry and handed out cheap loans to homebuyers with no jobs, no incomes and and no clue. When you have poeple lined up to buy a house, the home prices go haywire. It's simple supply and demand. Now, after the Bubble, what is there solution - MORE cheap credit. Interest rates WILL rise. The only reason they don't is because Big Brother Sam keeps cornering the market in government bonds, keeping out other buyers who would demand higher interest rates. By buying all the bonds for sale at each government auction, the government is just buying time AND destroying the dollar. But, that's OK, because it will only hurt the middle class and har-har, who cares, right? Bottom Line - You don't correct a housing bubble built on cheap credit with more cheap credit. We're flying into a brick wall. Period.

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