Steven Seagal : Obama Should be Impeached

Steven Seagal If The Truth Came Out, Obama Would Be Impeached :Actor Steven Seagal appeared at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix on February 22, 2014 where he expressed serious concerns about the state of the Nation, called for the impeachment of President Obama, and indicated that Americans regardless of party need to come together.

Steven Seagal , Lawman and vigilante, fighter and peacemaker. He has played many roles in his career, but few seem as likely as an ambassador between the US and Russia. From disarming a nuclear weapon to helping with the War on Terror, can an actor become a true action hero, succeeding where countless politicians have stumbled?

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  1. he problem is america does not have a president it is AIPAC, the president, AIPAC is the one that rules america AIPAC is the 'roman empire" so impeaching Obama is just a joke as Obama is not the president of america it is AIPAC. how will americans fix this issue, only way out impeach AIPAC. well folks liberate america, out of this lobby's if you can??


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