Rob Kirby -- Dead Banksters, Federal Reserve monetary tyranny, global financial meltdown

Rob Kirby -- HIGH FINANCIAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY : Dead Banksters, Federal Reserve monetary tyranny, global financial meltdown. Rob Kirby from Kirby Analytics joins us to discuss the latest in HIGH FINANCIAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

The men who knew too much! Hey somebody had to launder the drug money and move it around. And once you work for the organization, they can kill you anytime ! The ones still breathing better call the cops-they'll protect you !

I'll give you one hint; since these extrajudicial assassinations, which is what they should be called, are happening globally it should be assumed it is being handled by a group with the most comfortable resources. I don't believe the revolution 2.0 would go to China, England, or Germany to kill departamental bankers of thier respective companies/CEO. I do believe they, along with bitcoin, have been targeted to 1. erase any possible testimony of money laundering 2. eliminate the biggest threat to the petroleum-based dollar; I believe if you look long enough, you'll find the bitcoin executive that dissapeared is dead as disco. --> Patriots and Infowarriors: PLEASE, pay attention to the market on or around March 4th. <---

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