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5 Elite Bankers Committed Suicide Recently -- Coincidence or Cover up?

 There's been a string of bizarre deaths in the globe's financial circles. In the past few weeks five high-profile bankers have died - all from apparent suicides. 3 was interesting, 4 was questionable and now 5 is something definitely going on there is a pattern of dead bankers emerging here...either these guys know what is coming and can't face it or they are being murdered to make it look they know what is coming and can't face it. Either way financial shit is about to go down soon.

Someone is doing a cleanup job!that is exactly what is happening these people became a liability to the big bosses, they have been talking about this allot on a you tube channel called Project Camelot, these are not the first 5 in the US their has been about 15, in Switzerland their was also like 3 and more world wide

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