Monday, January 27, 2014

Catherine Austin Fitts -- Enormous Global Incentive to Avoid War

Catherine Austin Fitts from sees a possible war scenario in 2014. Fitts says, "The most significant risk to the global economy is the risk of war. Fitts goes on to say, "There is enormous global incentive to avoid war." Rising interest rates are another possible problem in 2014. Fitts, who was a former Wall Street investment banker, says, "I think there is going to be tremendous pressure to keep those rises managed. Now, let me underscore something. We have never ever in the history of civilization managed rising rates when we have had a huge book of interest rate swap derivatives. . . . If interest rates start to move up quickly, we have no idea what could happen to that interest rate book. . . . It's literally like a nuclear bomb that could go off. . . . If they can't prevent the rapid rise, I think we will have war because that is the only way you can force the intercession you need to keep a lid on things." Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts. This video was posted with permission from

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