Sunday, December 29, 2013

Why You Should NOT Join The Military

Don`t forget that your president can enact the mandatory draft, exec. order at a pen stroke. The mandatory age has been changed, from 18-24, to as high as 18-44yrs. That will gut the US of any able bodied resistance. Peace



  2. This awesome video should be required viewing for all 9th graders followed by discussion. Kids need to know what they are getting into when they join the military. They need to know they lose most rights and must allow all sorts of medical interventions to be performed on them. A discussion should be initiated to include the Tuskegee Airmen’s exposure to sexually transmitted disease, required immunization’s potential side effects, etc. A graphic video should be produced illustrating the horrific physical damage incurred from IEDs, gunshot wounds, etc. Joining the Army may not turn out to develop a person into becoming the “best they can be.” It’s very much the school’s responsibility to prepare young people for the dangers of the real world of which the military is a prime culprit. Other ways of securing an education or vocational skill needs to be explored and encouraged by schools.

  3. I believe we need a Constitutional Amendment that holds individual Congressman accountable for voting to go to war or engage in conflicts. We need Congress to be the decision maker for engaging in war and armed conflicts and not allow the Executive Branch to usurp this authority. We need to add an Amendment to the Constitution through a Constitutional Convention. It could be referred to as the Armed Conflict and War Responsibility Amendment and include the following:
    1. Each Congressman shall run with a Vice Congressman. The latter will receive a salary and benefits only when s/he serves. Vice Congressmen will step up to active congressional duty when and if the seated Congressmen is sent to an operational theatre or otherwise unable to carry out their congressional duties.
    2. The House of Representatives and Senate will be broken up into 4 groups with Congressmen being assigned to one group for three months. When and if there is a war or armed conflict, to include drone usage, Congressmen voting for the action will be dispatched to the operational theatre as the lowest ranking military personnel and work with them in the areas or heaviest fire and most danger. This requirement will be referred to as a“ fact finding mission.” During this mission, the Congressmen would be a military member subordinate to their commanding officer. They would receive the benefits of the lowest ranking military personnel should they lose their life or limb in the course of their duty.
    It is necessary for Congressmen to know first- hand what is occurring in the operational theatre and to experience the death and destruction incurred by soldiers engaging in war and/or armed conflict. If the soldiers must fight and place their lives on the line, so should those who sent them there. If the need is so great as to lose life and limb, Congressmen should be honored to serve shoulder to shoulder with our best and brightest young soldiers. Anything less would be cowardly.
    3. Congressmen will be limited to 12 years of service, receive benefits only during their stay in office, qualify for health benefits equal to that of the lowest grade veteran at a Veteran’s Administration Hospital or Clinic, and receive no pension. The latter shall be retroactive for all Congressmen and dependents with all saved funds being remitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA). The latter needs to be enacted as a National Security measure to help protect the SSA as Congressional mismanagement has jeopardized the administration’s funds.


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