Stop The Money Junkies before they start WW3

Prevent WW3 genocide, stop the New World Order. The US Govt is the puppet of the British banking families, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P Morgan, these families are the problem. With them around, the human race will always be divided, we will always be pouring trillions into weapons, we will always kill each other. These people want control of all oil and all gold, and are holding onto it with their fingernails clenched. We are divided, they take everything.we have fallen for their trap obviously.WW3 was planned by Albert Pike even before 1871. It is the Jesuits, Illuminati (26 families); Political elite , and High level Masons that are behind this. WWIII will be the fake Armageddon/Gog and Magog;

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