Jay Weidner - Kubrick & The Moon Landing

Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - Kubrick & The Moon Landing ,Clip from April 11, 2013 - guest Jay Weidner on the Jeff Rense
The Apollo landings shown were fake. There are no shots showing stars, they're all No Star Field images. The Earth should appear the size of a beach ball in the shots, taking up a majority of the background. The fake Astronauts never breath or vent CO2 in any images. Most people with a brain know if there is 1/4 gravity they would be moving around 75% faster than you would on Earth. This is why Stanley Kubrick made 2001 A Space Odyssey before the fake Lunar Landings of Apollo. To program people.

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  1. The evil that runs this world doesn't want you to learn the truth only what they want you to believe as the truth, thats one reason they push toxic medication down our throats, poison our food with GMO are air with chemtrails the only thing our news media has to say is what ever they want you to believe. The biggest deception is still yet to come tho our Father has written it all down if you have eyes to see n hears to hear Visit ShepherdsChapel n give a listen to some of our Heavenly Fathers Truth taught chapter by chapter verse by verse by Pastor Murray n you'll begin to gain wisdom n understand why things are like they are for satan will be back on this earth soon the evil in this world preparing the confusion as when hes cast down to earth Rev.12:6-9 satan will appear in Jerusalem claiming to be Jesus n as it states in Rev 13:3 when he heals the Deadly Wound of the one world government all will wonder n worship the dragon. If man can decieve you so easily as believin we went to the moon,GMO food is good for you just think how satan will control your mind..


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